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Jul. 29th, 2014 | 11:36 pm

#10 / Role

Jin picks out the lint that's on his hoodie but it's actually a stain he remembers getting from the hotdog he had earlier so he makes a mental note to chuck it to the laundry bin when he gets home. The music blaring in the background as the juniors dance to the beat of their song, pang pang pang the clapping sound goes simultaneous to the heavily accented counting as he stares into the mirror.

The juniors are sweaty, panting and looking downright disgusting at how tired they are right now. The choreographers are wringing them out because it's only weeks before the start of KAT-TUN's spring concert tour; Jin remembers the first time he had gone on stage to back up for their sempais, remembers the rush, the cry for their names, Thank you, KAT-TUN and the crowd goes wild.

They wrap it up nicely with the kids smiling when they gather them up in a small intimate circle to keep their spirits up, their hearts pumping and keep them excited. Kame steps in the circle with a huge smile on his face, patting every single junior in the circle for a good job on today's rehearsal, thanking them for their hard work and that all their efforts are appreciated by the group. Jin just watches the little group of hopeful juniors smile as they look up to Kame, hang on to every single word he says and laughs when he spots some mouth hanging open as Kame gives out vital advices like a good sempai should.

Then he looks at Kame and thinks back to when he was the only person who listened to Kame like this when they were kids, when Jin needed the attention, pep talk or straightening up when he's getting out of line - he was the first person who listened to Kame before anyone took him seriously, before he grew into this beautiful insightful sempai that all juniors seem to love.

"Good lord, I'm in love with you," Jin blurts out of the blue when he catches Kame looking at him like he's asking something, his lips are askew and there's a grin on his bare face. There is no eyebrow product to frame his face but he still looks breathtaking, like he had always been to him.

He can hear whistling sounds from the kids, Junno's whoo-ing, Ueda's snort, Nakamaru's impromptu beat boxing at how stupid Jin is and he can feel Koki's sharp slap in the back of his head and calling him "Bakanishi," before he laughs it off and looking at Kame. Jin grabs the spot where Koki had slapped him and looks at Kame too who is blushing like crazy, the juniors are still cheering at his little confession and he just smiles.

"I love you too but I was asking you if you wanted to say something to the juniors," Kame says, laughing and shaking his head as he tells the juniors that it's probably time to go home because it's getting late.

And when they're alone in Jin's car, Kame slips his hands on the gear stick as Jin changes gears and intertwines their fingers together. There are no words exchanged but somehow Jin gets it and Kame gets it too, a quaint gesture to respond to Jin's stupid confession in front of everyone.

Jin's thinks it's okay to be stupidly honest sometimes.

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from: paoktsou
date: Jul. 30th, 2014 11:42 am (UTC)

i'm squizzing !! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa akame is lvoe !!!

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from: happymaybe
date: Oct. 21st, 2014 12:53 am (UTC)


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